Role Model Study Guide

Questions for teachers to pose to students.

Feel free to modify the list for younger students.


What is a role model?

Does a role model have to be famous to be a role model?

Is a role model the same as a hero?

Who are your role models and why?

What are her/his accomplishments?
Does the person have a good moral reputation?
What has he/she done to contribute back to society?
Is your role model directed toward helping others?

Do you know of any role models that have overcome a great deal of adversity to become successful? (A physical handicap, discrimination, a lack of money, etc.)

What do you think is the most important quality for a role model?

Do you have any role models in your community?

What have they done to be considered a role model?

Do you think you could take aspects of several role models you like? Could you use them to pattern your own life after?

Do you know what career you want to have? Do you have a role model in that career? 


You may want to create a short survey in your class or the whole school. Have the survey be anonymous, but you may want them to check age, grade and gender. You could compare role models for girls compared to role models for the boys. Tally these all up with the  characteristics marked most. Make a composite role model from those most marked. Is this a perfect person? Present to your class and discuss.

Here is an example for your survey:

Age: Grade: Gender: M F

Who is your most important role model?

Why is this person a role model for you?

Do you have a role model that is not famous? Who? Why?

Circle the characteristics most important in a role model:

Is successful in his/her career.

Makes a lot of money.

Is famous.

Gets a lot of respect.

Is well educated.

Is polite.

Is honest.

Is peaceful.

Is wise.

Is on a sports team.

Makes movies.

Writes great songs.

Is artistic.

Stirs up important human rights issues.

Wants to rights wrongs.

Speaks up about beliefs.

Helps other people.

Works hard.

Works smart.

Family life important.

Gives money to charity.

Is religious.

Is spiritual.

Is athletic.

Has a sense of humor.

Helps others learn.

Is self-sacrificing

Takes part in the community.

Is good-looking.

Travels around making TV appearances and speeches.

Other characteristics:

Have fun with this!