Local Role Models - Those who have influenced your life

This is the page where we will be listing local role models or non-celebrity role models that you have submitted to be featured. As this list grows, we will break this are down into locale and categorize these.

Below are the first Role Models that have been submitted and accepted as Featured Local Role Models.

  • Submitted Role Models
    • Gandhiji
      "Because of his simplicity and the way of his life " KUSHANGI SHAH
    • Justin Riddle
      "he is an awesome baseball player" Justin Riddle
    • Chris Judd
      "Amazing at football " anonymous
    • Vincent Utter
      "He woks for the K9 Unit for the Vernon Hills Police Department and he has done many great things and he and his dog Bullet have saved many lives. He deserves to be recognized for all the great things hes done." Monica Ludford
    • Rowena Wada
      "Rowena Wada has shown me many good examples that help me today. She has succeeded in many things. I wish I could too also be successful as her." Ashley Wada
    • Rhonda Floyd
      "Its ma mom she the best"
    • Christopher Reeves
      "Christopher Reeves is my role model because he was the one and only true Superman and no other actor could ever talk his place as "The True Superman" He still moved on with his life even though he was on a wheelchair nothing held him back and thats what a real role model is and thats why christopher Reeves is my one and only true Superman and role model.May he Rest In Peace with his beloved wife Dana Reeves." Julissa Hernandez
    • Mark harold Vinje
      "He was paralyzed two years ago, at that time he had a 2 month old son, a wife of 4 years and just finished heavy equipment mechanic school. Heavy in debt, no money, school loans, unable to function fully as a husband, provider and father. He makes $700. per month for disability, has not found much help because most programs have been cut, even his physcial therapy was limited. They are not able to have any more children and he is a wonderful man, husband and father. They live in an apartment, with no room and yet he never cries, and he is the tower of strength to his family and friends. What a great person, human being and man and my son."
    • Konosuke Matsushita
      "He was a great industrialist and also I like his life story" Jamsheed Abdul Hameed T
    • Doctor Goodwill Shana
      "his a man of God who speaks the word and applies it to reality....wisdom and leadership he reflects" tapiwa ncube
    • Steven Spielberg
      "My role model and idol is Steven Spielberg, I would love more than anything to know how he got to where he is today." Jacob Monroe
    • Tim Ballinger
      "Because he is a great bloke on and off the football field " Jason Smith
    • Swami Vivekananda
      "self confident. good time manager motivator decision maker if we want to know about India then know about Swami Vivekananda " kalpana reddy
    • Ginger Beavers
      "Ginger exemplifies your mission statement. She is an inspiration to her co-workers and is a true Role-Model. She lives what her job role is all about. She is Director of St. Anthony's Medical Center Women's Services and has help implement a Women's Center and care about creating an enviroment that all can enjoy. She lives the values of the institution and she cares about others. " Rob Thames
    • Tyra Banks
      "She made peoples dream come true She is a good person to look up to or follow She is a super model and proved to people you can be what ever you want Shes a positive person She loves to help others" Megen Smith
    • Kevin Powell
      "Kevin Powell is my role model because he understands the importance of what manhood really is. It is really difficult, as a young man coming from a background where your father is not present (and when he is present, he's intoxicated). His background is the same as mine. " Darris Thomas
    • Gwen stefani
      "the reason why Gwen Stefani should be a role model is because she has done so much for her self, and when things got bad she didnt stop. she has her own record label now raises money for fondations all over the world has a beautiful baby and is married with her own clothing line. In my opinion she has done more for her self then anyother star out there she is truly an amazing person " Vanessa Lake
    • Petur Polsson
      "He was my teacher. He taught me great things about life. And inspired me to be whatever I want to be." Johanna poulsen