Tiger Woods Editorial Comments

Editorial Comment: While I appreciate all of the emails and phone calls I have received regarding the recent news concerning the Tiger Woods affair and the Tiger Woods crash, I will not act as his judge or jury in this matter. It is entirely up to the reader to determine whether Tiger Woods is a role model or if parts of his life have served as a role model. As it stands, the only thing he has really been accused of properly is careless driving. The news surrounding the supposed affair were produced by a tabloid ( we all know how reliable they are) and the circumstances surrounding the accident may never really be known. I am assuming that all of the dads out there and all of the moms would hope that their kids would consider themselves role models for their children but at the same time would guess that none of us really consider ourselves perfect. Let's cut this guy some slack and let the details all come out before we judge him if we choose to judge him at all. I seem to recall a story about a president and a certain intern but would guess that there are probably a few of you out there that still consider him a role model.

Editorial Update: Looks like Tiger has admitted to some unnamed discretions. I do see that he has said he is working this out with his family in private but does regret his actions and the pain they have caused his family. I will give him props for admitting his wrong doing and for apologizing to his family. Let's see how this plays out. I will reiterate though that there are certainly things he can be a role model for such as someone who wants to be a pro golfer. There are many people who consider Babe Ruth as a baseball role model although it is well known that he was a huge womanizer. I will leave Tiger up as a role model as I believe it is probably a good topic for discussion in your family. If you do or do not believe him to be a role model of any kind, discuss it with your children.


I am going to post one of the hundreds of hate emails I have received since my interview with AP and CNN yesterday broke last night. I will purposely leave off the name and email address this came from

The Following Contact Form Has Been Mailed to You From The Role Model Website
First Name: Gary
Last Name: XXXX
Riverside, CA 92504
Daytime Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Evening Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Comments: As a minister you must be familiar with a little book called the Bible. Do you know the part that talks about adultery, and not a foul thing passing your lips? Even before being proved an adulterer Tiger Woods is not a good role model. He is arrogant (another sin in the Bible), and he cusses while playing golf ON NATIONAL TV where young kids can see him do it. He gets angry and throws tantrums when he messes up. I wouldn't want any of my children to follow his example and behavior ON the course much less off of it. I am by far not a perfect husband but I have never, nor never would, cheat on my wife. He is an immoral person and a cad. You are obviously ignorant of the Bible and what God expects from us if you think he is any kind of role model or defend him. You should be ashamed of yourself for showing him any kind of support.


I have received hundreds of hate emails from all over this country this morning in light of the Role Model website. Most of these emails are from "christians". Yours is the only one I am going to respond to and I don't know why - maybe just an itch I need to scratch.

If you look through the bible at all of the "Generals" and those Jesus had around him as Disciples, you will be hard pressed to find one of them that would fit on this site considering the standards most of these emails would require. Even King David who had the Heart of God was an adulterer and murderer yet everyone looks past that because after an amount of time, he made things right and moved on.

All I am stating by leaving that Tiger Woods article up is that I believe there are things he has done that I think he should be looked up to because of. Certainly his morals are never and probably will never be in that list. Although, if he asks for forgiveness, I believe that is certainly something to be admired. If you choose to judge whether that apology is sincere or not is entirely up to you although I think there is something in that book about not judging lest ye be judged.

It is just my own feeling that offering someone a little grace and mercy might go a long way towards planting a seed that might bring back a powerful influential person into the light. Alternatively I could post a scathing rebuttal using an accumulation of emails from all the self proclaimed "Christians" that have emailed me this morning and it would go something like this:

You lying scumbag piece of sh-t. If you think you can f--k half the women in the country and still consider yourself a role model than you really are a piece of sh-t.

Excuse the language, but that is the message including the language from about half the responders. Which do you think opens the door and helps lead someone towards repentance more - a little grace or that kind of response.

On another note - do you really think your personal attack against my relationship with Christ is called for because I have a website that has Tiger Woods on it?

My cellphone is listed below if you feel the need to further scold me.

Lamar Brantley
CityMind Group


Gary's Response:


Thank you for responding...maybe because my message was not laced with expletives is the reason you felt like responding.

Having re-read my email to you I find that my words were rather harsh.  I did not mean to "attack" your relationship with Jesus or God.  My apologies to you that it came across that way.

As for those so called "christians" who wrote you hateful words with foul language, well we don't even have to go their.  As it says, "go away from me you workers of lawlessness, I don't even know you".

While it is true that God forgives in a large way and David was used greatly by God after he committed adultery I do not feel that Tiger is a "role model" that anyone much less young children should follow.  I am not judging him, his actions and God do that.  If he was a friend or acquaintance of mine and he asked for forgiveness from God I would readily accept him with open arms.  But having been to many golf tournaments and seen him in person I have seen what kind of man he is off camera.  To me he is like the Pharisees on the corner who is righteous when he is seen but is dirty and dead on the inside and in the eyes of God.  His charity work and smile are for the camera and to further his image to make more money.  Don't get me wrong, I think his Foundation is great and does a great deal of good, I just don't think he does it for the right reason.

On the other hand I have seen Phil Mickelson sign autographs for an hour and give things to people when the camera is nowhere to be found.  He also does tons of charity work and donates millions every year, you just don't hear as much about it as Tiger because he doesn't make a big show of it like Tiger does.  Tiger values his privacy but he loves the limelight.

Now am I saying that Phil is a good "role" model?  No.  I don't believe that any man or woman should be a person's role model.  There was only 1 man who was a good role model and that was a perfect man, Jesus Christ.  If you follow his role then you would do everything good that Tiger does (that's if you had that much money) and Phil and every person that does good.  If you had good parents then you could use them as your role model in life but even then that is limited because they are imperfect.  So like you said I don't think anyone could be on a list.

The biggest reason that I feel strongly about Tiger is that he is the one who has fashioned this image of himself as the kind, loving man that children should imitate, not the media.  They have just reported what his camp and himself have spilled out.  And now that his true character is being exposed we are just suppose to say oh well he is an imperfect man, let's just forget it.  Well when you put yourself that high on a pedestal the fall is big, so in my mind he is getting just what he deserves.

I really hope that his wife forgives him and he really is sorry.  For the sake of his children I hope that they can get pass this.  God wants us to forgive.  As the Bible says He only reason He made the provision of divorce is because of the hardness of our hearts.

Well I have wasted enough of your time.  I would love to hear your reply if you feel like it.  Let's just say I have strong feelings about role models and Tiger Woods.

On a lighter note did you hear Tiger was changing his name to a different big cat?....Cheetah!  Sorry, couldn't resist.